Feather & Bone produces:

music videos, commercials, brand stories, documentaries and art films for a variety of clients.  we focus on storytelling and want each project we do to feel honest and real.  

"Take Out" episode 1 for River + Bay online publication 

Enjoy an afternoon with The Refuge crew, St Francis elder care & Bergstrom Lincoln 

Fox Communities Credit Union Commercial

Fox Communities Credit Union event promo

Public + Private (an historic preservation story).

the process is still in the process.

our friend B.Brad Creations makes these amazing speaker systems (and more).

that time when butch walker and the dove and wolf came to The Refuge and graced us with a little performance.

I got to work with my home school district to help them celebrate the 20th anniversary of their tutoring program!

this is a huge program with a ton of potential, so honored to be a part of it. reach out and read with appleton public library

music video for cory chisel's song "times won't change" 

music video for NAGANT's song "cannon report" 

shot on a rooftop in NYC early morning (late night) with cory chisel, petter ericson stakee (alberta cross) and julia haltigan.